Who We Are

We provide all kinds of groceries, kitchen needs, households and pulses other quality grocery products. This store was planned by Noon supermart and implemented by Ajinkya Uday Marchande and Sandesh Arun Karande. We at Noon supermart identified the need to provide good quality grocery products at cheap prices with an option of delivering products at your door step. We accept cash on delivery so that our customers can check the quality of products before paying for them. This will give our customers a real shopping experience right from their homes.


1. Wide range of products.

2. Great discounts.

3. Served by good and educated team of professionals.

4. Quality products with good service.

5. Cash On Delivery (C.O.D)

6. wide range of products

7. Fast delivery of products.

8. Easy website navigation.

9. safe and secure online experience

10. Easy way to order products.

11. The only shop to offer lifelong point accumulation from referrals.

12. Products sold only from trusted and reputed brands.

13. Complementary products.

– Save your TIME.
– Save your MONEY.
– Save yourself from POLLUTION


PRODUCTS AVAILABLE ON OUR SITE: You can see the categories and structured menu based on your needs. Visit the menus and submenus to find all the products that you need on a regular basis, and more. We have been able to put together a comprehensive and ever-swelling catalogue of all kind of products. We are providing all products from Indian snacks and sweets to authentic Indian dals and spices. You can find the basic products that you need in one place. And if something that you would like to buy is missing on our website, please write to us at Support@genesisestore.com your product recommendations are valued and help us decide which products should be introduced. We hope that your shopping basket will never roll out of our store empty!

FREE DELIVERY AT YOUR DOORSTEP: Weather one box or more, the orders above Rs.500/- are sent without charging shipment costs from customers. Don’t worry we will pay shipment for all of the boxes. You no longer need to step out of the house to get your Indian groceries. Send us your shopping list and wait for it to materialize at your doorstep. Delivery anywhere in Maharashtra without any extra shipping charges and you can order for as much as you like.

Happy Online Shopping.